The Synopsis

Live the adventure of a fantastic nightmare

Nicolas is a 10-year-old boy with Down Syndrome, every year, to celebrate his birthday, his mother made him a costume. Everything that could boost his infinite imagination. Unfortunately, his mother passed away and Nicolas ended up living with his loving grandparents Mia and Thomas and his cousin David, who is a troubled teenager that is not so eager to share his room with a cousin he barely understands.

Nicolas has only one memory of his mother, an old trunk with all the costumes she made for him. One night, while David is having a nightmare, Nicolas discovers a monster lurking in his room, while trying to escape from it, Nicolas is dragged by his trunk into a magical kingdom where he meets Ana, a girl that is in a mission to rescue her sister Sophie from the clutches of a Mysterious Wizard. Nicolas will embark in a magical adventure to save an entire kingdom who’s dreams where stolen and at the same time show his cousin David that love and kindness can break any frontier.



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